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ServCollab & Emerald collaboration

Dear ServCollabers,

ServCollab is pleased to announce its collaboration with Emerald Publishing!

"Emerald strongly believes in ServCollab’s mission, and we feel like they’re doing exceptionally important work by getting researchers involved in humanitarian efforts. These efforts are something that we want to be shining a light on. That’s why Emerald and ServCollab are working collaboratively to disseminate ServCollab’s research to a wider audience by making their research freely available for everyone to read for a limited time period. As a founding signatory of the UN SDG Publisher Compact, Emerald believes wholeheartedly in creating a sustainable future and utilizing research to create real-world impact.

We are starting this collaboration off by making the following introduction to ServCollab article by Fisk et al. free access from the 15th September 2022-15th December 2022:

Fisk, Raymond P., Linda Alkire, Laurel Anderson, David E. Bowen, Thorsten Gruber, Amy L. Ostrom, and Lia Patrício (2020), "Elevating the Human Experience (HX) through Service Research Collaborations: Introducing Servcollab," Journal of Service Management, 31 (4), 615-635. DOI: 10.1108/josm-10-2019-0325 "

You can see Emerald's announcement and the link to the article here:

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