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ServCollab, in collaboration with the Journal of Services Marketing (JSM), is excited to invite you to a unique series of free webinars. This initiative stems from our recent special issue, “Improving Life on Planet Earth, “ which synthesizes the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into seven pivotal Service Research Themes.

You can find these articles at this Emerald link:

Webinar Highlights:

  • Engage directly with the editorial team and authors of the seven SDG commentaries.

  • Gain unique insights as each speaker shares findings and research agendas from their respective articles.

More details about the webinar are provided in the attached graphics.

Choose One of These Webinars that Best Fits Your Schedule:

  • Session 1: April 30 | 9 AM New York | 3 PM Brussels | 7:30 PM New Delhi

  • Session 2: May 1 | 5 PM New York | May 2 | 7 AM Brisbane | 7 AM Canberra

We strongly encourage researchers from all disciplines and organizations to attend. These webinars represent a vital opportunity to collaborate on and delve into humanity’s profound sustainability challenges.

Please share this free webinar invitation with friends and help us spread the word about this enriching opportunity.

Together, we can foster research that addresses these global challenges and helps propel us toward a sustainable future.

Join Us for an Inspirational ServCollab Preconference Morning Workshop on Thursday, June 6, 2024

What: If you are attending the SERVSIG Conference in Bordeaux, France, we invite you to an enriching morning prelude: the ServCollab Preconference Workshop.

This free session explores ServCollab’s Seven Service Research Themes, a pioneering framework derived from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These themes were developed by ServCollab and the Journal of Services Marketing.

The seven Service Research Themes – wellbeing, opportunity, resources, economics, institutions, the planet, and collaboration – offer a fresh perspective on service research opportunities that address global challenges.

Why: The workshop is more than a learning opportunity — it’s a collaborative space where service researchers can discover research opportunities within the Seven Service Research Themes. Attendees will discuss the themes and brainstorm possible service research projects on them. They will also discuss how such projects can become ServCollab research projects and become part of a larger research agenda.

When: Mark your calendars for Thursday morning, June 6, 2024 to attend an invigorating half-day workshop and start the SERVSIG Conference early with inspiration and collaboration.

Where: Our Preconference Workshop occurs at the 13th SERVSIG Conference 2024 in Bordeaux, France. For details on the entire conference program, visit the 13th SERVSIG Conference Program.

Register: When you register for the SERVSIG Conference, be sure to register for our free workshop, too.

Visualize the Themes: This announcement is accompanied by a graphic illustration of the Seven Service Research Themes. These themes are pathways for creating service research that can significantly impact global well-being and sustainability.

Access Further Insights: To explore potential research avenues and delve deeper into the synthesis of the UN SDGs into our seven Service Research Themes, please visit the Journal of Services Marketing at Emerald Insight.

Please join us as we embark on this exciting endeavor to inspire future service research that addresses human and planetary wellbeing. Together, we can turn research into impactful action.

Recently, ServCollab and the Journal of Services Marketing collaborated to create a Special Issue focused on Improving Life on Planet Earth.

Working with Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Mark Rosenbaum (the editors of the JSM), ServCollab synthesized the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into seven Service Research Themes.

The purpose of ServCollab’s synthesis of the SDGs is to provide service researchers with a broader design canvas for service research projects.

We are attaching the graphic for these 7 Service Research Themes.

You can find these articles at this Emerald link:

As you read these articles, please consider developing a service research project that builds on one of these themes.

What are the benefits of becoming a ServCollab Research Project?

ServCollab will:

  1. Provide guidance or advice (if/when needed) from ServCollab Officers and other relevant scholars throughout the research project.

  2. Provide special promotion of your research project as a major ServCollab Service Research Themes publication, which will amplify its visibility and impact.

We urge research teams from any discipline(s) to engage with the profound problems facing humanity and to collaborate together on research that serves humanity.

Here is the link to ServCollab’s Research Project Criteria for ServCollab Affiliation:

We encourage researchers to contact us early in the development of their research projects to inquire about the possibility of becoming a ServCollab Research Project.

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