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Volunteer with ServCollab


ServCollab is a human services organization that seeks to elevate the human experience across the full spectrum of human needs.

The volunteers who help build ServCollab are collaborating to serve humanity!

You can be part of these collaborations.

Why Volunteer?

Team Meeting

Here are four great reasons to volunteer:

  1. By volunteering you can help advance research that serves humanity.

  2. You will become part of the ServCollab community and expand your personal network of service scholars.

  3. You can expand your knowledge and skills as you work on research problems that serve humanity.

  4. You will enjoy helping people while volunteering with ServCollab.

What can you do to help ServCollab?

You can become a ServCollab Ambassador

We are looking for ambassadors that will connect ServCollab with other organizations that can benefit from learning more about ServCollab’s efforts to "Serve Humanity Through Collaboration."


You can become a ServCollab Engagement Officer

In ServCollab, one of our first tasks has been to share news about research and research topics that serve humanity. We already have several engagement officers, but service research topics span the entirety of human experience. With more engagement officers, we can search for and share more useful research news.

Working with laptops

Media & Technology 

As ServCollab grows, we need to expand the breath of our technology usage to communicate with the world. This includes expanding our website, our graphics, our use of multimedia, our use of webinars, and of video editing.



As ServCollab grows, we need advice and help creating our fundraising plans. We also need help developing grant applications that would support research and other ServCollab activities. 

What Else?

If there is some other way that your skill and experience can help ServCollab, please tell us how you want to help.

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