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Team Meeting

About ServCollab 

Collaborating with researchers at ServCollab can kickstart efforts for including under served people (such as refugees).

Our researchers are based all around the world and are committed to making a difference.

The Beginning

ServCollab was founded in 2018 by Ray Fisk. Ray was part of the pioneering generation of scholars who coalesced around their mutual obsession with service at the beginning of the 1980s. It was because of his long history in the service research field and his participation in the emergent transformative service research field that Ray decided there was a need and an opportunity for ServCollab.


To build the logic for what ServCollab should be and is, Ray asked six talented service scholars (Linda Alkire, Laurie Anderson, David Bowen, Thorsten Gruber, Amy Ostrom, and Lia Patrício) to become the ServCollab Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helped create two service conference presentations about ServCollab and then we wrote our 2020 Journal of Service Management article introducing ServCollab with the announced goal of Elevating Human Experience.

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