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Healing the Digital Divide - Journal of Service Research Article - 2nd ServCollab Research Article

The purpose of the second ServCollab research article was to explore how the digital divide affects customers experiencing vulnerability. Service interactions in essential service settings (health care, education, and social services) were empirically investigated and practices service system members might adopt to address vulnerability were identified. This research upframes the pillars of service inclusion framework to define human capabilities that result from service inclusion practices.

This article, like all ServCollab articles, is intended to encourage more research on important serving humanity topics.

Fisk, Raymond P., Andrew S. Gallan, Alison M. Joubert, Jenine Beekhuyzen, Lilliemay Cheung and Rebekah Russell-Bennett (2023), "Healing the Digital Divide with Digital Inclusion: Enabling Human Capabilities," Journal of Service Research, 26 (4), 542-559.

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