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Our first ServCollab Perspective article by Fisk and Alkire (2021, p. 194), which proposed the metaphor of service ecosystem health “as the interdependent state of private, public, and planetary well-being necessary for sustaining life.”

This article reimagined service science, broadened transformative service research, build the service ecosystem health metaphor, outlined the Goldilocks Civilization thought experiment, and explored designing for a Goldilocks civilization.

The goal of that article was to elevate service science to uplift human well-being.

In 2021, ServCollab published its first research project – Boenigk et al. (2021). That article created a Transformative Refugee Service Experience Framework to portray the range of refugee experiences from suffering to well-being and the range of refugee services from hostile to hospitable.

The thirteen authors conceptualized refugee experiences at three refugee service journey phases (entry, transition, and exit) and at three refugee service system levels (macro, meso, and micro) of analysis.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In 2020, ServCollab published an article in the Journal of Service Managment introducing ServCollab to the service research community. The six coauthors who wrote with Ray Fisk are the members of the ServCollab Advisory Board.

This article introduced the concept of Elevating the Human Experience (HX) and ServCollab’s mission “to serve humanity through service research collaborations that catalyze reducing human suffering and improving human wellbeing.” It also introduced ServCollab's three human rights goals: serve, enable, and transform.

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