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ServCollab is a global human services nonprofit that seeks to elevate the human experience by bringing researchers together to collaborate on ways to reduce suffering, improve well-being, and enable well-becoming.

Collaborating with service researchers at ServCollab helps expand efforts to include underserved people (such as refugees) in service systems (social, economic, and biological) that should serve everyone.

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ServCollab's Mission

To serve humanity through research collaborations that catalyze reducing suffering, improving well-being, and enabling well-becoming.

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ServCollab's Human Rights Goals
Volunteering Group
#1 Serve

ServCollab seeks to serve all humans with research that respects their dignity and supports their rights.

This includes advocating for fair and inclusive service experiences.

#2 Enable

ServCollab seeks to enable research collaborations among researchers and organizations that span disciplinary and national boundaries. 

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#3 Transform

ServCollab seeks to transform and elevate human experience by reducing human suffering, improving human well-being, and enabling well-becoming.

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Ways to Get Involved

Propose Research Projects that Can Improve Human Well-being

Large human service systems (cities, nations, and organizations) often neglect or exclude some of the people within the system. How can such service system problems be reduced or prevented?


We need your help!

Please contact us to suggest a service research project.  

Please recruit and encourage other collaborators to join this community.

Building Homes
Our Research Themes
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Service inclusion is ServCollab’s first project area because a lack of inclusion is at the root and core of unjust human service systems.

Service research projects are needed that seek solutions to exclusionary and discriminatory service systems.

People During Workshop

Language enables human interactions. Unfortunately, language is often used to hurt other people. 

ServCollab encourages projects that seek to create service language that researchers and human populations can use to understand and improve human well-being for all.

Jungle Mountain View

Because human life depends on Planet Earth, the service research field needs projects that balance serving human needs now with serving the needs of future generations by protecting the fragile service ecosystem of Planet Earth. 

ServCollab seeks research projects that can improve the service ecosystem health on Planet Earth.

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