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Our Mission

To bring researchers together to collaborate on ways to reduce human suffering and improve wellbeing worldwide.


Mission & Goals

Our Human Rights Goals

ServCollab seeks to serve all humans with research that respects their dignity and supports their rights.

This includes advocating for fair and inclusive service experiences starting with fair and inclusive access to service, fair and inclusive service encounters, and fair and inclusive ability to exit the service.


ServCollab seeks to enable collaborations among researchers and organizations that span disciplinary and national boundaries in pursuit of...

  • diagnosing and treating humanity’s many service system problems,

  • access to the human and financial resources necessary for the success of such collaborations, 

  • a deeper understanding of service systems,

  • a humane design science for service systems.


ServCollab seeks transformative reductions in human suffering and measurable improvements in human wellbeing.

Further, ServCollab seeks:

  1. To measure both the quantities and qualities of service systems,

  2. To foster standards of service that are adaptable and measurable across different service systems,

  3. To evolve those service standards to better fulfill human potential.