Stopping Injustice: Mutuality, Intersectionality, and Syndemics

Service Colleagues,


Here is a short ServCollab video titled: “Stopping Injustice: Mutuality, Intersectionality, and Syndemics.” 


The first line is:


      “Service researchers should NOT be bystanders to injustice!”


At the end of the video, I encourage the formation of a diverse service research team focused on racial injustice.


In this video, I mention two concepts that can help service researchers develop research on racial injustice: intersectionality and syndemics.


Here are key citations to learn more about these concepts:


Corus, Canan and Saatcioglu, Bige (2015), “An intersectionality framework for transformative services research,” The Service Industries Journal, 35 (7/8), 415-429.


Singer, Merill, Nicola Bulled, Bayla Ostrach and Emily Mendenhall (2017), "Syndemics and the Biosocial Conception of Health," The Lancet, 389 (March 4), 941-950.

Stopping Injustice