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Designing Services for Refugees


Team Members:

Linda Alkire, Texas State University, USA

Lily Cheung, The University of Queensland, Australia

Canan Corus, Pace University, USA

Jörg Finsterwalder, University of Canterbury, New Zealand 

Aaron Kreimer, University of Hamburg, Germany

Nadina Luca, University of York, UK 

Mansour Omeira, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland 

Pallab Paul, University of Denver, USA

Marcos F. Santos, La Sabana University, Colombia

Nina Smidt, ZEIT Foundation, Germany

Project Leaders

Silke Boenigk

University of Hamburg


Sertan Kabadayi

Fordham University


Ray Fisk

Texas State University

Refugees Team.jpg

Pictured (Left to Right): Nina, Jörg, Pallab, Silke, Linda, Sertan, Ray, Marcos, Canan, Mansour, Nadina, Lilly and Aaron.

This First Research Project

Boenigk, Silke, Raymond Fisk, Sertan Kabadayi, Linda Alkire, Lilliemay Cheung, Canan Corus, Jörg Finsterwalder, Aaron A. Kreimer, Nadina Luca, Mansour Omeira, Pallab Paul, Marcos F. Santos and Nina Smidt (2021), "Rethinking Service Systems and Public Policy: A Transformative Refugee Service Experience Framework," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 40 (2), 165-183.  (

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